Vandhana Rai - Pre Occupational Cleaning

Hi Odette

I would once again like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for the excellent service you provided to this week.The sevice I received was actually way more than I bargained for and was well worth the service fee I was charged.

You and your team lifted a major burden off my shoulders by taking total charge of the cleaning operation and literally cleaning, dusting, mopping and wiping every nook and cranny

My floors, walls, bathrooms, light fittings, mirrors, windows, cupboards and shelves have been left spotlessly clean. I appreciate the fact that you and your team worked no-stop for the 8 and a half hours that you were there. Furthermore, your friendly, pleasant, well trained and hardworking staff made the experience even more pleasurable for us.

My new home has been left smelling good and clean and fresh and I can rest well assured that I moving into a clean and tidy home with absolutely no remnants of the previous owners.

Your excellent service is very much appreciated and I have no qualms about hiring the team again should I require the service or of recommending your service to others.

Thanks to you and the team once again.

Kind regards,

Vandhana Rai